Accounting Services in 21Century

We are well aware that there are a sufficient number of Accounting firms in the UK that provide accounting services including tax assistance. We are not unique in our services, but there is one thing that separates us from all other accounting companies, and that is the price of our services. Having once done marketing research we have come to two interesting conclusions. The price of a company’s annual reports consists of two factors: the time spent drawing up the report and the company’s turnover, including possible profits. Undoubtedly, the time spent on the report depends not only on the complexity of the report, but also on the competence and expertise of the accountant.

A young accountant spends three or four times longer than the more experienced accountant, but does that mean that the client has to pay for the inexperience of the young accountant and continue to train him for their money? Absolutely not. The second undoubtedly debatable question is how much the cost of the accounting services depends on the turnover of the company.

We don’t think that it is any great professional secret that all accountants these days use software and we think you will agree that entering the number 10 or 100000 does not require much labor or time, which tax accountants estimate as a possibility to significantly increase the payment for their work. Another thing is that the accountant’s prices in London for the same work will be two times higher than in another city. This is the age of the Internet and the computer when any businessman can order accounts online no matter where he himself or his accountant are located.
Having analyzed all of this data we decided to create an accounting company which would suit modern business management. We have fixed prices for all company annual reports, regardless of the company’s turnover and thus they are minimal. Thanks to this approach, we have acquired a large number of customers who come back to us every year and we’ve adopted accounting outsourcing service. Our services are used by more than 70 tax companies worldwide.
Unfortunately we do not work with private entrepreneurs. We specialize in accounting only for Ltd’s and LLP’s.
Save your money, think modern, and use the opportunity that the Internet gives you. Try the accounting of the 21st century.